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July 9, 2010

Don’t (Always) Waste a Strike on the Crazy Juror

by: Dr. Kevin Boully

Boully_Kevin_88_120 They show up in nearly every jury panel.  An unexpectedly flamboyant or oddly eccentric juror who offers too much (irrelevant!) information at the drop of a hat, responds to your oral voir dire question about lawsuits against corporations by telling you about his third cousin Simon’s run-in with a cantankerous Big Box store employee in Akron, Ohio.  “That store is a spacestation for dictators!”


He looks like a wildcard and he’s given you reason to fear he may be opposed to your case.  You hate the risk of leaving him on the panel for simple fear of what he may say and do in deliberations, but you also expect the quiet female juror in the corner may have it out for your corporate defense client.  What can you tell your client if the oddball commandeers the jury?  Shouldn’t you have seen it coming?  You use your last peremptory strike on “Kramer,” allowing the high risk female juror to sneak into the jury room and help decide the fate of your case.  A few insights help inform this either/or jury selection choice in the future.  Continue reading

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